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Weekly Top Sellers from 10/3/16 to 10/9/2016

These were the Top Sellers last week!  Do you love pumpkin scented things? [shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”body-lotion-gimme-more-pumpkin” show=”all”] [shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”lip-addicts-anonymous-subscription” show=”all”] [shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”bar-soap-gimme-more-pumpkin” show=”all”] Read more…

New Products for October 2016

Back from the Dead Collection – 5 Eyeshadows have returned from previous Halloween Collections!! Fall Part 2 – Gimme More Pumpkin! (Limited Edition for this year ONLY – soaps, perfume oils, body lotions & sugar scrubs) & Cider House (body lotions & sugar scrubs – already available as perfumes & perfume oils) [shopify embed_type=”collection” shop=”” […] Read more…

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