First, I want to thank you all for your continued support! I really do appreciate it. Kiss My Sass is NOT just a hobby for me, it helps to support my family. Unfortunately, business has become slower and slower since summer so I am forced to make the following changes. I am not ready to completely close down but the main shop will be closing on December 23rd! After that, we will only be on Etsy!

1. MAIN SHOP: The main shop will be open through December 23rd and then the remaining inventory will be moved to our Etsy shop:
(I will be removing items from the site as they sell out)

2. SUBSCRIPTIONS: There are currently 5 December LAA subs left & this is the last month:…/lip-addicts-anonymous…

3. REWARD POINTS: I have disabled the “earning” of reward points but you MUST “cash in” and “use” your points/coupons before we close the main store on December 23rd!

4. GIFT CERTIFICATES: If you have a GC for the main shop, you MUST use it by December 23rd! There are quite a few that still have a balance!

If you have any questions/concerns, please email me at