This collection is so beautiful! As soon as I got my hands on it, I had to use the every single color.


For details on how to achieve this look, keep on reading!!


1.) After filling in my brows, I apply concealer all over my lid, up to my brow bone, followed by the Nudist Primer.

2.) Using a fluffy crease brush, rock Zinnia into the crease and blend it outwards towards brows.

3.) Take a smaller crease brush and rock cocoa into the crease, blending it upwards just below Zinnia.

4.) Next, I applied the Little White Lies Epoxy. This can be applied with a small dense detailer brush or with your finger if you don’t have one. A white tacky base really helps these colors pop!

5.) Using an eyeshadow brush, apply Gingers Have Souls to the outer half of lid, blending the inner corner out to soften the edge.

6.) After cleaning off your brush with a color switch or getting a new brush, apply Yellow Submarine to the rest of your eyelid, blending the edges of the two colors together.

7.) Taking a small dense brush, I use the real techniques brow highlighter brush, apply Satin Snow from your brow bone blended into Zinnia.

8.) If you want to, you can deepen the crease by applying Cocoa again and adding a little Zunnia to blend the edge. This welljust help add some depth.

9.) After applying your eyeliner (top and bottom), apply It Takes a Village to the outer lower lash line using a small detailer brush.

10.) Using the same brush, apply teacup to the center lower lash line.

11.) Apply Mint to Be on the inner lower lash line, leaving a little area by the tearduct uncovered.

12.) Next, use The Garden to highlight the inner eye by applying it on the lower lash line by the tearduct.

13.) Finish off the eyes by applying Ethereal illuminator in the brow arch to highlight.

14.) To finish this look, pick your lipstick. Emma is a beautiful coral that goes with this beautifully and is perfect for summer.


I hope you enjoy this look! You can shop any item by clicking on the picture and use code PHOENIX15 for a discount on your next order.