For this look, I used the two shadows from this month’s sub box plus some regular line products. After the photos I’ll have the steps of how I created this look and links to the available products if you’d like to shop. You can use code PHOENIX15 for a discount on your order.



**In between colors, I’m using a color switch to keep my brush clean for each color. **

Prep: after doing my brows, I applied concealer from my lid up to my brow and blended it in. I then used our Nudist primer that I also blended all over. 


Transition and crease: I like to start with a transition shade because it helps the crease shade blend out a bit easier. For the transition, I blended Blossom from the crease up with a fluffy crease brush. I then used a more dense and smaller crease brush to apply Feisty on top and blend that up with blossom. If you accidentally apply too much Feisty, just go back in with blossom on the edges to soften it up. You’ll also have a chance to soften it up when you do your brow bone.


Brow bone: starting in the arch with a small eyeshadow brush, I applied Satin Snow all over the brow bone. I then took a little more on my brush and ran it over the edge of my crease color to blend it out so there isn’t a hard line. Taking a fluffy brush, apply a small amount of Moonlit Embrace Illuminator to your brow arch.


Lid: before putting eyeshadow on my lid, I use the Little White Lies Epoxy as a base to make the colors pop. On the outer corner using a basic eyeshadow brush, I applied Lingerie and Chocolate (rosy brown from this month’s sub box) and brought it about 1/3 of the way onto the lid. I then took a clean brush and softened the edge of it so it would blend with the next color easily. I then applied Champagne Toast (warm champagne from this month’s sub box) and applied that to the center lid, blending it with Lingerie and Chocolate as well as blending the other side to blend with the other color easily. I then took a small detailer brush and applied Say Something (cotm) to the inner 1/3 of the lid.


At this point, I clean up any fall out and do my eyeliner, lid and waterline.


Lower lash line: using a small detailer brush, I applied Sleepy Hollow to the outer 1/3 of my lower lash line. I then used the same brush to apply Emerald Boa to the center of the lower lash line. Then on the inner corner, I applied Quizas. For Quizas, I used some of the glitter residue at the top of the sample baggie to add more shimmer.


Once you’ve finished the lower lash line, apply your mascara and do your foundation/concealer as usual.


After foundation and concealer, I use an angled blush/contour brush to apply Bronzed Goddess. Start at the outside of your face and pull it inwards toward the corners of your lips. Then, with my finger, I applied a line of Warm and Cozy cream blush to both cheeks. I took the same brush I used for the bronzer to blend out the blush. Using a buffing brush, blend out the bronzer to soften the line. Using the same buffing brush, I then apply my matte finishing powder, blending a little more of my blush and contour. Then, using my finger, I applied a line of Everytime A Bell Rings to the high point of both cheeks bones as well as the inner corner of my eye. Taking a highlight brush, blend out the highlighter.


Finish off the look with our 1998 liquid lipstick and some setting spray and voila!


I hope this helps if you’re looking to achieve a similar look! You can shop the products below!



Nudist Primer


Little White Lies Epoxy


Blossom eyeshadow


Feisty eyeshadow


Emerald Boa eyeshadow


Quizas eyeshadow


Satin Snow eyeshadow


Say Something eyeshadow


Sleepy Hollow eyeshadow


Warm and Cozy cream blush


Bronzed Goddess bronzer


Everytime A Bell Rings cream highlighter


Moonlit Embrace Illuminator


1998 liquid lipstick